Good feelings and rewards: get more out of your favourite businesses.
Community rewards programme
Find new places or talking points and enhance your relationship with your favourite businesses. See your points, rewards, offers, business details and history for every business in our community.
Digital punch card
Physical punch cards are things of the past. Download Enkidu and use our simple QR code scanner to tap and earn rewards instantly, making every transaction an interaction too.
Get points from selfies
Enkidu members can take selfies, share them on Facebook/Instagram and get points and rewards quickly. Buying lunch with your Instagram posts? It’s easier than you think.
Keeping track
Enkidu lets you keep up to date with your account, link social media, switch languages and customise offline settings so you can use it even outside areas with mobile data. Enkidu also helps you track your points, rewards and activity – or it can just quietly run in the background.

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